Yellow Promo is an online platform that helps sellers to spread their promotional offers to customers of other sellers from similar location and industry. Your promotional offer(s) is sent to a customer of another seller every time you are collecting email address from one of your customers. For every email collected, you get a token. In order to use the token, you should buy credits.

A receptive customer is someone who gives its consent to receive promotional offer(s) in a given category (tourism activities…), within a precise location and during a certain period (vacation time…).

If you are a seller, you can register, publish your promotional offer(s) and start collecting email address from your customers.

At this stage, only sellers within the tourism industry are concerned. The solution will be progressively extended to other industries.

The solution costs 1 EUR for a bundle of 100 promotional email sent.

No. Your promotional offer(s) will be spread only if you have both credits and token.

For every collected customer email, you get a token.

You should buy credit in order to use your token i.e. spread your promotional offer(s).

No. Your promotional offer is sent to customers from other sellers.